Dog services:

  • Ear cleaning $3
  • Ear cleaning and hair plucking $7
  • Nail trims $8
  • Anal glands $7
  • Face trims $10-$15

There is no weight limit for the above services. I have a 75lb weight limit for all other grooming services.

  • Dog baths start at $20. This includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a gland check. I only express if it is necessary or requested. Some dogs just don’t need that service, while others desperately need it.
  • Full grooms start at $40. This is most dogs under 15lbs. The bigger and hairier the dogs, the more a full groom will cost. For best pricing, text or email with your dogs weight, breed(s) and desired services. A picture is often helpful.

Cat services:

  • Sanitary shave $10-$20
  • Nails $8
  • Just a bath starts at $30
  • Shaving starts at $45
  • Shave and bath start at $65

Cats must be the first or last appointment of the day and someone (hopefully a family member) must stay during the groom. Please feel free to contact me directly for next available cat appointments. 503-935-1986