Meet the groomers


Hello, my name is Amber, and that cutie in the picture with me is my dog, Luna. I have been grooming since 2005, and been working with and loving animals most of my life. I got my start grooming in Montana, and received my formal education in Missouri. I have worked in and around Portland and have been in business for myself since 2013.
I groom out of a small shop located in the remodeled garage of my house. I usually do each dog from start to finish, with as little kennel time as possible, but yes, there will be some kennel time during your pets visit. I only use restraints if necessary.  I supply the pet with a positive and clean grooming atmosphere, using many calming tactics I have learned through out the years. I never force a dog or cat to do something, but am very good at getting them to let me do the things that need to be done in a groom. I offer reasonable prices and use the best products. I specialize in gentle grooming techniques and do not do any kind of show dog grooming. I offer essential wellness consultations on you and your pets health concerns and needs. Send an email or text and I will gladly answer your questions and book appointments.
Thank you!

Amber Taylor

Tina has been at Bow Wow for a couple of years now. Our grooming ideas are very similar in the sense that we want to provide your pet with a safe and gentle grooming experience, using the best and most effective natural products. Tina does have a weight limit of 35 pounds, dogs only. Please allow some extra time for grooms, as Tina likes to take her time in giving your pup the best possible groom she can provide. She will still be working each dog as straight through as possible. Tina brings a lot of talent to Bow Wow, offering wing and nail trims on parrots and chickens. Tina grew up in a rural setting among dogs and horses. Animals have always been an important part of her life, and she is an animal fanatic, giving love and care at home to 5 dogs, a small flock of chickens, a rat, a cat and a parrot. She has been grooming dogs for over 8 years and has kept many happy customers through the years.

She can be contacted directly via her cell phone at (503) 810-1209 with any regards to her grooming practices.

Julie McDonald is our most fabulous bather. She is here to provide your dog with a chemical free, gentle and loving bath. Her basset hound Elvis is well loved and Julie spoils him with several walks a day. If you have any questions for Julie she can be reached at 971-295-2332